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Complications from Upper Endoscopy/EGD Complications from Colonoscopy/Polypectomy After Procedure

During the course of the Colonoscopy examination, a polyp may be found.  Polyps are abnormal growth of tissue, which vary in size from a tiny dot to several inches.  To remove a polyp during a colonoscopy, the doctor will pass a wire loop or snare through the colonoscope and sever the attachment of the polyp from the intestinal wall by means of an electrical current.  You should feel no pain during the removal of the polyp.
Polyps are usually removed because they can cause rectal bleeding or contain cancer.  Although the majority of polyps are benign (non-cancerous), a small percentage may contain an area of cancer in them or may develop into cancer.  Removal of colon polyps, therefore, is an important means of prevention and cure of colon cancer, which is a leading form of cancer in the United States.